The Weirdest Fears Of Famous Athletes

20. Michael Cuddyer

Michael Cuddyer had an unpleasant experience with stinging insects when he was sixteen years old, and until this day he has a phobia of bees and wasps. A swarm of wasps that hid their nest under the mailbox he tried to open attacked him, leaving him with dozens of stings all over his face and head. No wonder he panics when he sees one now.

19. Serena Williams

Although she seems as if nothing in the world may scare her or make her back off, Serena Williams has one of the most naïve, stereotypical fears. The World number one’s biggest fear is one of the dark, which she admitted in the survey conducted by the Disneyland Resort in California as part of the Friday 13th promotion.

18. Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman had the irrational fear of elevators due to someone else’s experience; his sister was stuck and locked up in one for a while on an occasion. To make things worse, the same thing happened to the famous athlete much later, when he was on his way to the dentist’s office. He was stuck for no longer than five minutes, but he says it seemed like forever!

17. Glenallen Hill

Former Toronto Blue Jeans Outfielder Glenallen Hill suffers the extreme version of arachnophobia or fear of spiders. In 1990, Hill woke up semi-conscious out of the nightmare involving spiders and crushed through the class table in panic, cutting his arms, hands, and legs in the process. Not many people are spider fans, but Hill is an extreme case.

16. Cam Newton

One of the weirdest fears athletes suffer is the one that Cam Newton has issues with. Newton spoke of why he quit baseball and admitted that the fear of the pitches thrown in his direction was the reason he actually quit. Newton, however, obviously has no fear of a huge man trying to crush him, so he switched to another sport easily.

15. Kobe Bryant

Not sure if this one falls into the phobia category, but it sure is in that area. NBA legend Kobe Bryant had an unpleasant experience of stepping into the pile of dog poop in the park once (while wearing his brand new Air Jordan’s), and he claims that he actually had nightmares regarding the subject afterward. He also stated that after that incident, he never managed to force himself to pick up his own dog’s poop after doing in public.

14. Royce White

Many people share Royce White’s fear of flying, but most of them just consider flying to be an unpleasant experience, not the source of serious panic attacks. Royce White had to ride the bus to all the league games in the 2012-2013 season. Needless to say that the team management wasn’t thrilled about that.

13. John Madden

John Madden is also afraid of flying, but he brought the avoiding of airplanes to the whole new and unique level. Madden travels by his super-expensive luxurious Madden Cruiser Bus because aside from flying, Madden tends to get claustrophobic as well. So, he spends loads and loads of cash just to avoid flying.

12. David Beckham

David Beckham suffers the mild form of OCD, which means that things being in specific, perfect order matter the world to him. Beckham even admitted that he is unable to feel comfortable at home or in a hotel room unless he arranges the cans and bottles in the minibar or fridge and hides the hotel brochures.

11. Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre has issues when it comes to other people touching his head. He goes frantic; throwing his equipment around if provoked by head-touching enough. One man’s torment is another man’s source of everlasting fun. Learning of Beltre’s weird head-issues, many of his teammates have turned into fun for themselves, provoking him until he goes mad.

10. Sonny Liston

Late heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston had the panic fear of needles and syringes. Liston was found dead under the curious circumstances, overdosed on heroin injected to his arm. Many of Liston’s close friends who knew of his phobia considered it to be a red flag that something is not right, since they have trouble believing that someone, as terrified of needles as Sonny was, could ever inject himself with heroin.

9. Aleisha Cline

Fear of height professional skier Aleisha Cline has may sound weird, since, well, all the races start from the mountain tops. Cline herself admits that fear drives her to ski faster and reach the race’s finish as soon as possible. Cline may have put her fear to the best possible use – as a driving force for her athletic success.

8. Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Arlington, the swimmer who won the Olympic gold medal twice, has very unusual fear, regarding her line of work. Arlington is afraid of sea creatures and pretty much anything swimming next or beneath her, unless it’s human. She admits that she never swam in the ocean and that she is terrified by the idea that something dangerous is swimming just beneath her.

7. Tim Duncan

The athlete we know for his successful career as a basketball player started his career as a competitive swimmer. Tim Duncan grew up on the Virgin Islands and he was seriously dedicated to his swimming career until hurricane Hugo destroyed the only Olympic pool on the island and he had to start practicing in the ocean. He had such a strong fear of sharks that he gave up swimming completely and switched to basketball.

6. DeMarcus Ware

It’s always funny when big and strong men like DeMarcus Ware have some irrational childish fear. Ware had the phase of being terrified of Jason, the killer from Friday the 13h movie, but not normally spooked as we all were, but “checking under my bed, just in case” scared. Ware says that it is that white mask Jason wears what terrifies him the most.

5. Michael Phelps

Even though he is obviously over it, the fear that Michael Phelps used to have sounds hilarious now. Phelps used to be completely terrified of having his head underwater. “Eventually I just put it in and off I went”, Phelps said. Off he went, and not only did he overcome his fear but he became one of the best swimmers the world has ever seen.

4. Raphael Nadal

Tennis champion Raphael Nadal has a list of things he is irrationally afraid of, and they all originate from a variation of OCD he suffers from. Nadal is afraid of dogs, storms, spiders, motorbikes, and sleeping in the dark. Nadal does not give up the impression of an easily scared guy, but the truth is completely opposite.

3. Eric Berry

Eric Berry suffers the severe but not uncommon irrational fear of horses and horse-like animals, called equinophobia. The Kansas City Chef’s player is trying hard to overcome it through the therapy that includes exposure to the photos and videos of horses and horse hand puppets. To make things more ironic, Berry was terrified of the team’s horse mascot his entire career.

2. Damian Lillard

The NBA player Damian Lillard’s phobia is such an irrational one that its simply hilarious. Lillard is afraid of monuments and statues. This particular kind of fear is called automatonophobia. Lillard says that it began after a bad experience he had in the wax statue museum. He did not reveal any details, so the whole thing remains funny as hell.

1. Andy Roddick

The number one weirdest fear any celebrity athlete suffers is the one of Andy Rodick. Who would have said that one of the greatest tennis players of our times has one of the funniest phobias there is. Andy Roddick is terribly afraid of rabbits, in all shapes and forms, including the Easter mascots. On one occasion, he even asked the management of an event to remove the mascot-man or to at least keep him as far as possible.