Athletes Who Have Stayed Humble

20. J.J. WATT

Houston Texans’ star defense J.J. Watt has kept himself grounded, even though his achievements and fame could have lifted him to the heights of the untouchables and those who think too big of themselves. But, Watt has kept a great sense of humor and seems to be enjoying the game and having fun in the field.


Mike Trout is what is commonly referred to as “the baseball’s next great thing” but despite that, he remains incredibly down-to-earth guy, obviously aware of his endless talent that he, as obviously as that, does not feel the need to show off. Trout remains humbled to this very day, being real-life human, and the semi-God in the field.


Even though his career is currently on the rocky path due to the injuries that he keeps suffering, former MVP Matt Kemp hasn’t changed his down-to-earth, humble attitude. It hasn’t changed a bit, not when he was the MVP nor now when he is hitting the rough patches. That probably serves as the biggest proof of one’s decent character.


Eli Manning could easily fall the victim to fame of his own and to the whole Manning family name fame that goes with it. He, however, managed to remain immune to all that, keeping himself humbled and grounded. Although he is known to sometimes fold under pressure, Eli Manning remains first and foremost decent and humbled athlete.


Maybe the humbled attitude of Jeremy Lin lays in the fact that he never really expected any media attention or the spotlights on himself. The guy only wanted to play. But, once he showed his talent, he was no longer out of the media view, becoming one of the national media’s favorite. Still, Jeremy Lin remained as humbled as ever.


Derek Fisher, the five-time NBA champion is famous for more than “just” his athletic success. Fisher is widely known for never letting success get to his head, not back when he was an active player nor now when he is serving as the head coach of New York Knicks. Whether he will manage to teach his players to do the same is yet to be seen.

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One of the biggest soccer stars, who conquered it all –Europe, America, and the whole wide world, remained, despite his athletic success and high-end celebrity life, down-to-earth nice guy. David Beckham was never caught mouthing about his success and he always kept friendly and decent, no matter what.


Josh Hamilton’s return to the Major League after the substance abuse scandal wasn’t an easy road to go, but he managed to get back to his feet. Hamilton obviously knows the value of the second chance and has a high appreciation for the game, and he puts his best into it, remaining decent and humble as ever.
After recovering from substance abuse, Hamilton knows he could’ve easily never made it in major league baseball. Due to that appreciation for the game he’s earned, he always stays humble. Even after he put on the greatest hitting display in Home Run Derby history, Hamilton remains as humble as ever.


Even though he is widely considered to be one of the best hitters of his generation, and therefore was extremely likely to become a cocky, Albert Pujols remains one of the baseball’s good guys, not letting the fame get to his head. Not even the mega-contract with Angels has changed his warm and decent personality.


Boxers are rarely down to earth guys, and examples to support that claim are numerous. Manny Pacquiao is a huge exception to that rule, even though he had a massive chance to become one of the hotheads. Unlike his biggest rival Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao is not much of the show-off, and aside from his passion for the sports cars, you probably wouldn’t even know if you have met him.


Probably the best quarterback in the history and one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, Payton Manning remains completely down to earth, humble guy. His enormous athletic success combined with his warm and humorous personality has earned him a massive fan base all over the world. And it is well deserved!


Mario Rivera may serve as proof that it’s perfectly possible to remain humbled and grounded no matter what. All-time leader and saves record holder of Major League Baseball, whose domination lasted for almost two decades never was a showoff and always kept decent and down-to-Earth. That’s what makes a true Hall of Famer!


Tim Duncan is considered to be one of the most boring star athletes ever! No media craving, no scandals, no distasteful showing off – nothing. His sound performances and concentration to the game are probably what makes this humbled guy a five-time NBA champion. He obviously enjoys playing basketball, not being a star.


Tim Tebow seems to be unaware of his grandiose talents most of the time. Tebow seems so humbled and down to earth that he takes nothing at all for granted, and considers himself to be lucky at the point where he is. We would add that he is an incredibly talented and decent fellow who is simply incapable of recognizing his own fame.


Dirk Nowitzki has proven himself to be loyal to the team and the game on more than one occasion. He turned down two lucrative contracts in order to return to the Mavericks in the past season. Some players might consider doing so, but not many would put the loyalty to the team above the paychecks – Nowitzki did!


Even though he has been out of the spotlight for a while now, that does not change the fact that Derrick Rose remains the basketball’s nice guy he always was – even when he was sky-high, being the NBA MVP. Rose routinely credits everyone but himself for the success: His mother, in the first place, and his teammates.


Pretty much like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant credited his mother for all his success in the speech he gave at the acceptance MVP ceremony. Durant is yet to win the NBA championship title, but success obviously isn’t getting to his head, since he remains humbled and down to Earth, a decent person he always was.


One of the most beloved golfers of them all, Phil Mickelson deserved his huge fan base with both: his performances and his humble attitude towards the success he is achieving. The image of a family man he represents makes it seem easy to remain grounded than it actually is, but Mickelson manages to remain golf’s good fellow without the exception.


One of the league’s greatest quarterbacks, as well as one of the most humbled athletes of them all, Drew Brees manages somehow to go through his achievements making them least about himself as possible. To make Brees’ story more movie-like, we will add that his healthy and reasonable attitude probably comes from the fact that he wasn’t always a star, and that he had to try really hard to get to where he is now.


Derek Jeter deserved the title of the most humbled title, among many other titles he has earned so far. Jeter manages to remain so humble, that at some points it becomes hard to comprehend what an important figure in the history of the sport he is. True greatness is founded on being humble, and Jeter is a living proof for that.